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These pages are made in preference to its current and potential users of taxi services present our business through the Internet, and provide a fast and easy way to the realization of taxi transport.
On what way could we do it?
Thanks to knowledges of English language, compliment, accuracy and reliability as well as cleen car, we offer a very high-quality service at affordable prices. Only thing you have to do is to contact us and ask us for service.

What are we offering?
-Transportation from one location to another according to the demands of clients
- Welcome in any airport.
-Transportation from hotels to any European destination
- Full transport in the city by special (lower) price.
- Transportation and city sightseeing tour on your own wishes by special( lower) price

- We offer special service for weddings, at a cost of 70 - 100 . If you have the specific request, provide us with your wishes and requirements so that we were able to find the best solution for your needs.
You will always get a valid taxi account. 
All passengers were additionally  insured in the event of an accident.  

For all information and orders for transportation please contact us by phone,SMS, or E-MAIL.

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